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New 'sona - Kalinran

It's been a good while now, going without a proper fursona, as my previous one sort of just became a regular ol' OC :P

Under xAshleyMx's suggestion I decided to start working on something new, that better represented "me". I was conflicted between a coyote or a fisher, and eventually landed on this guy, a red morph coyote with a fisher pelt scarf! Well, obviously he has deer antlers as decorative shoulder guards and a feather in his tail tip too, but hey, it's all good!

Kalinran the Ranger-esque 'yote! I think he's pretty handsome, and I think xAshleyMx did a great job at drawing him too :)

I did NOT draw this.
Art Drawn By: xAshleyMx
Characters ©: Me




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Am I the only one who thinks this?  I used to live and breathe Newegg.  I thought, with Newegg, all I would need is a work at home job and I could live anywhere I wanted, even in the damn mountains if I wanted to.

Not anymore.

So far this year I have had to send back roughly 40% of my purchases from Newegg, which accounts for 100% of my 'expensive' purchases.  What did I all get, you say?  Well, let's see...

When I first moved into my new place to start my new job, one of my old LCD monitors crapped out so I ordered a new on off of Newegg.  It was a brand I wasn't familiar with, but it was a good price and the right size.  I was very impressed on day one.  Then on day two, out of nowhere, I have 3 dead pixels and a fat (5 pixel wide) line running down the entire screen.

Was it worth sending back?  Not really, the sale had ended and it is only a tertiary monitor anyway so I sucked it up and just rolled with it.

Recently, my headset that I stupidly bought at best buy died.  I couldn't find the warranty paperwork since I moved so I said fuck it and bought a new one off of Newegg.  A nice, $100 Turtle Beach headset.  What could go wrong?

Well, immediately, the most important feature - other people being able to hear me.  The 'mic monitor' worked just fine, IE, I could hear my own voice through the speakers on the headset.  But could it transmit my voice to anyone?  No.  Oddly, some of my friends could hear the youtube videos I was watching through the headset, so--I don't know.  Sent it back and after a month of going without a headset, I received my replacement and as of this moment it still works.  Don't worry though, I've only had it for one weekend, it's still early.

Now - I am getting into healthier eating and such which is hard for someone who has grown up on the rural American diet.  I decided to get a juicer and found a nice Hamilton Beach juicer (same brand as my slow cooker) and everyone claimed it was an amazing juicer.  Best of all it was $20 off and free shipping.

Day one, works great, absolutely impressed with it and though I had some minor nitpicks, it did its job well.

Day 2?  The strainer no longer fits correctly in the clamp to attach it to the motor of the unit and it flies off inside the enclosure and starts rattling around inside at a sound that is roughly 10x louder than a Boeing 757 engine taking off in your fucking ear.

After monkeying with it for hours, I just called it quits and finished applying for my RMA on the device to return it.

So far this year Newegg has taken up more of my time to fucking fix their shit and deal with their cock ups that they should be paying me hourly for my time.  Hell, if they did I could probably buy Newegg at this point.

Am I seriously the only one having issues with this formerly amazing website?  Have they gone the way if Blizzard, EA, and so many other absolutely useless companies whose soul purpose is to appease the shareholders?  Or am I just looney and imagining things?
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